We’ve had a few questions from readers over the last few months about Amazon Music and we’re glad to announce that the Amazon Music Unlimited service has now officially rolled out in Ireland!

According to the press release we received, the service has over 40 million songs which sounds impressive. We wanted to give this number context and compare it to Spotify, however we could find no recent numbers on the amount of songs Spotify has (the most recent figure being 30 million from 2015). So it is probably safe to say that the two services are evenly matched here. Also just like Spotify the service is promising a “vast” selection of hand-curated playlists and personalised stations, to help you get more out of the service.

For Echo users the examples of commands you can give Amazon include being able to “search for music by artist, album, track or genre, and control volume and playback by saying “Alexa, turn it up”, or “Alexa, skip this song” If you aren’t sure who an artist is, you can say “Alexa, which song is this?”.

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 11.45.36

However where the service really gets interesting is in pricing. First up there is a free 30 day trial, so you can have a look for yourself. Once the free trial runs out you’ll be able to sign up to an exclusive Echo price plan for only €3.99 per month, which will run on just one Echo device. If you primarily play music just on an Echo then this could save you about €70 a year over the €10 p/m Spotify Premium, which is impressive. Amazon are also offering a family pack for €14.99 a month, which will cover 6 users as well as an individual plan for €9.99 per month.

The service also offers apps for most popular devices you’d want to listen to music on, like Android, iOS and computers and offers downloads. If you’re interested in giving the free trial a look then click here, note that the page there has the prices in £, but when you click on the “start my free trial” button, there is a flag in the top right hand corner of the page that you can click on and change your country to Ireland in order to get the € price.


11 thoughts on “Get unlimited music on your Echo for €3.99 a month!

  1. Is this true? According to Amazon directly they tell me that the service is only available in Northern Ireland not the republic.


  2. Hey David, yep we were in direct conversation with Amazon’s PR firm about this. When you follow the steps above you’ll see there’s and Irish option. €4 a month isnt too shabby


  3. Totally bogus…ive been onto amazon directly several times as this has been totally mis reported. This service is not i repeat NOT available in The Republic of Ireland. Nor do Amazon have any plans to “roll it out” here. To get it to work you need an amazon account registered in the UK. You also need a UK registered bank account with a card registered to said bank account. Trust me ive been trying since RTE mis reported it on their news page online in January. If you try with your irish details it will always return it with “sorry there seems to be a problem with your payment method”


  4. Nope…….. wrong again. Tried several times with my echo… runs through the whole free trial period.. then when you say yes.. you get “im sorry, there is a problem with your payment method” as i stated before you need a uk card linked to a uk bank account. I was onto amazon again and this is what they also said. I have plenty of in date credit cards and debit cards here in ireland but none will allow you to sign up to music unlimited. Amazon even asked me to link them to this article and say themselves that the information in this article is incorrect and that they have not… nor do they have any plans in the near future to roll out music unlimited in Ireland. You would have had to use either a full uk account or an irish account that is linked to a uk credit or debit card.


    1. Hey Dave, are you trolling us? Or is this a wind-up? 🙂

      Cause I’m trying to help you out here and as I said earlier I personally signed up this morning with my Irish debit after you posted your last comment and it worked fine. Irish debit card with Amazon UK account, Irish address the whole lot. As for the press release, multiple news sites covered it including independent.ie, Irish examiner, RTE, silicon republic etc. Just Google “Amazon Echo now available in Ireland” and you will see the articles all published around the press release date. There is also a copy of the full press release from Amazon in their press room here: http://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=251199&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=2328348.


  5. Hi there.
    Nope not trolling you at all this is the only place I’ve heard of anyone getting music unlimited on their echo in Ireland. Believe me id love to get it to work.. but amazon even tried to ‘re jig my account tried all my different cards etc and no joy at all. So I showed them this article and all the others you mentioned. They said and I quote that these articles are only explaining that the echo itself is available in Ireland not the music or prime services. Which is funny as I have the amazon video service on my smart tv using the very same debit card registered to my UK amazon account… wierd.


  6. Just to confirm that I have the same issue as Dave, but in my case my Kindle country is using the US marketplace because I originally ordered the kindle from US before it was available to Ireland via UK market. I never transferred to UK market because I would have lost nearly 500 dollars worth of old subscription content if I did. Amazon are not so good at ensuring you retain what you paid for already. I’m guessing this mismatch of markets and payments might be causing this issue for me.


  7. Hi, Just to say I bought an Echo Dot in the UK before they were available in Ireland and have had no problem getting Amazon Music Unlimited to work using my Irish Credit card. After you sign up for the free trial having selected Ireland as instructed you just need to go into settings and change the device to Echo and then it costs €3.99 pm after the free trial

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  8. hi, just bought Echo from Amazon 2nd generation , can’t for the life of me get the echo plan to work??? doesn’t give me an option for it only to trial the 9.99 one?any help appreciated


  9. Hi Guys,
    I had this same problem with my echo, I’d get the “there is a problem with your payment method” message – I had previously used a free trial.. However I’ve managed to sort it using an irish bank account. Go to the amazon.co.uk site and login, go to the amazon music unlimited section and edit your payment details there (you’ll see that they are empty even though I’d payment setup methods on my echo). Change the music settings library to ireland at the bottom of the screen and then start the new trial on your echo.


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