For those who would love a screen on their Echo but find the screen on the Echo Show to be too big or perhaps just find the €220+ price a bit steep, then the Echo Spot could be the speaker you have been looking for.

The Spot has a small 2.5″ circular screen and a rounded body that is a bit easier on the eyes compared to the utilitarian hard corners of the Show. As for the sound, it has a 1.4” speaker which is more than double the 0.6” speaker on the Dot, but does pale to the Show’s double 2” speakers.

Like the Dot however, it does have a 3.5mm line out plug for connecting an external speaker as well as Bluetooth functionality for a bit more musical oomph. Amazon notes that it will play video content from Amazon video if you want to catch up on The Grand Tour on a 2.5” screen (why would you do this?) and of course it will have the usual Alexa functionality for controlling smart home products etc.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 11.48.41

A potential better use of the screen is using the built in camera to do video calls, however note that whoever you video call will need to have the Alexa app installed on their iPhone/Android or have the Spot/Show themselves. We could see this being used in say a home office and then video calling down to a Show in the kitchen?

Another great use case for the Spot would be using it in the bedroom as the mother of all alarm clocks, but then we’re not sure how having a constantly connected camera in the bedroom would go over with our significant others. Maybe throw a bit of electrical tape over it just to be sure…?

As we said in the title the Spot is available for pre-order on Amazon UK here now for £120(€135) and will be released on January 24th. Amazon is also running a deal at the moment where if you pre-order two Spots and use the code “SPOT2PACK” you will only pay £200(€225) a saving of £40(€45). Unfortunately just like the Show, the Spot isn’t being shipped directly to Ireland so you will need to set up a Parcel Wizard account and get a UK shipping address to get your hands on one.


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