Update: 22/11/17 – One of our readers has commented below (tip of the hat Brian) that Alexa is not working in Ireland through the Sonos One. We will update once we know more.

2nd Update: 21/12/17 – One of the forum members on Boards.ie has got Alexa to work in Ireland by changing the location in Sonos app to UK, see screenshot of his comment below 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 13.09.02

Initial article commences below:

While Amazon initially limited its Alexa assistant to its own Echo line of speakers, a larger and larger array of Alexa speakers have been released lately by other manufacturers.

Tomorrow (24/10/17), will see the release of the best Alexa speaker made yet and yes when we say that this is the best Alexa speaker yet, we are including all of the Echo speakers that Amazon has made so far!

That’s a big call but this is no ordinary speaker company we are talking about, this is the legendary Sonos and tomorrow will see the release of their first smart speaker in the Sonos One. For those of you not familiar with the brand, Sonos made a big name for themselves by offering speakers that connect directly to WiFi and from within the Sonos app you can then choose from all the big music streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon music etc).

Sonos also offered a few really nice additions to this easy use, including a modular set up, so you can add extra speakers to more rooms and control them individually or all together at once (a feature they call “multi-room”) through the app. There is also the ability to use the inbuilt iPhone/iPad microphone to tune the speakers, tuning the sound to fit your room. On top of all this the speakers feature great design and most importantly have sound that warrants their premium price tag.

The Sonos One speaker features all the points from above. The great sound, design, tuneability, multi-room and app are all present and accounted for, but the first smart speaker from the company also includes some great new features that put it in a league of its own;

  • It comes stock with Alexa AND will have the Google Assistant (the same as a Google Home) added next year

So for £199 (€224) you are getting the best sounding Alexa speaker right now and next year you will have a Google Home AND an Alexa speaker in one device… So you’re only paying €112 for each speaker… not bad when they are going to sound so good.

An ordinary Echo and a Google Home will cost you €234 at the moment and it’s far handier to have both in one package, plus this will sound better than either of those speakers so it’s a great deal.

  • You don’t have to mess with shipping addresses to buy it from Amazon.co.uk from within Ireland, saving you an extra few quid and hassle

Amazon will ship the Play One right to your door in Ireland. That’s alot handier than setting up a Parcel Wizard account, adding funds to it and then messing with your Amazon account and changing the Amazon shipping address. Thank god for this.

  • Sonos also make a TV soundbar and you could add two of these as rear speakers for an incredible surround sound set up

Firstly the Sonos TV Soundbar does not come cheap at £649. At such a pricepoint though you’ll be glad to know that it is widely considered the best soundbar you can buy. So yes this will be an extremely expensive surround sound, but due to the modular nature you can buy all 3 of these over time. So you can buy one Sonos One today to use as a smart speaker, add another in a year and pair them together for a great stereo sound, then the year after that ask Santa for the soundbar… at least that’s the long term plan that this writer has planned!

  • It’s humidity resistant

According to the Sonos website this means that it’s “Designed to be moisture resistant, Sonos One streams your favorite songs in music starved places like bathrooms and outdoor patios.” When you’re dropping two hundred euro odd on electronics its could to know they have a bit of durability.


If this article has not made it clear enough, we are extremely excited about this and we will be buying a Sonos One ourselves and posting a review on it in the coming weeks after our reader comment below we will now keep an eye on the Alexa situation and proceed with caution. Did we mention that it will also be compatible with Apple devices through the Airplay 2 standard?

By the time you read this the Sonos One will be available to buy from Ireland using Amazon UK, for your convenience the link to it is right here.




2 thoughts on “This is the best smart speaker right now… it’s also the easiest to buy from Ireland!

    1. Thanks for the update Brian and letting us and readers/potential Irish buyers know. We have updated the article to reflect this new info. Have you contacted Sonos at all?


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