For a long while there were only two Echo devices in town. You had a choice of the original full size Echo which had a decent speaker underneath and would set you back about £150 (now you can only get the old Echo refurbished for a discount £99). Or you could choose the Echo Dot – which we have always been a big fan of here – for a bargain £50.

For a saving of £100, the Echo Dot would give you the same device as the larger version minus the decent speaker. So it did everything that the larger Echo did, but sounded like your phone.

All this is a long winded way of saying that this has all changed now. Amazon recently released version 2 of the Echo and if you have been waiting to buy one, then the time is now. Not only has Amazon made the speaker better than ever, but its also gone and given it a discount, dropping the price to £90 (about €100) a discount of £60. More for less is always good, so what has changed?

  • The new Echo is roughly half the height of the original
  • It has a new cloth like covering (and you can choose from about 5 variations including wood)
  • It has a new tweeter dedicated to bass so your music should now sound better
  • In the US Amazon is now allowing free calls over the Echo (in the UK and we assume Ireland, the person you’re calling will need an Echo too)
  • Multiple Echos in one home can sync up and play the same song throughout your home (this is called multi-room). 
  • As well as playing the same song throughout the house, you can also tell your Echo to play a certain song in a particular room “Alexa play a pop song in the kitchen”

This multi-room feature is for us the largest update to the Echo line. Being able to place two on either side of the couch for a great surround stereo effect, alongside the better speakers will make for a great music experience.

If you’re thinking “that will be great once I win the Euromillions or my kid signs to Liverpool”, then we have you covered. If you follow the below instructions you can get a £25 discount on two new Echo speakers (so you can now get two for £155 or roughly the price of one of the first Echos) or a whopper £50 discount if you buy 3 new Echo’s at once (£220).

We don’t know how long this discount will last, but for the time being you can follow the below instructions to receive this discount:

  1. Go to the new Echo page on Amazon
  2. Add two or three new Echo’s to your cart
  3. Enter ECHO2PACK or ECHO3PACK during checkout
  4. A £25 or £50 discount will automagically be applied

In case you don’t know, Amazon will only deliver to the UK so you will have to use a shipping option to get it delivered from the North. We’ve covered how to do this and some of the options you have in an article here. If this discount has already stopped by the time you click through then please let us know.



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