This has been around for a while now but it really is a great offer. At the moment with Electric Ireland, new and existing customers can both avail of a great discount on Nests smart thermostat.

Nest is now a Google owned company (or more specifically the company that also owns Google – called Alphabet – owns Nest too) and by all accounts it is a great bit of kit. The thermostat allows you to:

  • Turn on the heat from their mobile app – so your gaff is nice and toasty when you get back from work
  • Auto on and off as it senses when you are home and when you are not
  • Best of all you can also control Nest using both an Amazon Echo and/or a Google Home device. “Alexa, turn off the heat!”

Usual retail for the thermostat is €249, however with the offer you can pick it up for only €130. Not only that, they’re throwing in free installation (which they value at €140) as well as a… stand. We’ve no idea why you would need a stand for a thermostat either but if it’s free then we’re not complaining.

Check out the offer here, we must also state that this is not a paid endorsement. However if someone from Electric Ireland wants to give us a Nest… Please get in touch!


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