Do you take Dublin Bus? Do you have an Amazon Echo? If you answered yes to both of these then boy do we have news for you.

The legends at Zarley Ltd have created an Alexa Skill (the name of apps for the Echo) called 4NextBus, based off the publicly provided real time info provided by Dublin Bus.

So what does it do?

All you need to do is tell 4NextBus your nearest stop by using the command “Alexa, ask 4NextBus to set my favourite stop to 1234”. Then you’re all set. From now on all you’ll need to do to find out what time your next bus is use the command:

“Alexa, Ask 4NextBus”

The app works great (it has a review score of 3.9 stars out of five), the command is as small as it could possibly be and it is dead handy.

Please if you download this skill, support the guys by giving them a review on the Alexa store as they currently only have 9 reviews and support Irish Alexa skill development.


4 thoughts on ““Alexa, when’s the next bus?”

    1. It’s not supposed to the app store. It’s an Alexa skill – you enable it through the Alexa app. Of course, you also need an Amazon echo device


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