Just as the Amazon Echo arrived in the UK after the U.S, the Google Home is following suit and is finally getting a release in the UK. This is great news as anyone who has read our post on buying a Google Home in Ireland knows that up until now getting your hands on the device has been tricky.

Google announced the release in a blog post, where they also took time to run through some UK specific updates including news updates from the Guardian, BBC, Sky Sports etc.

Best of all for interested Irish users is that Google Home is going to be made available in multiple retailers including Maplin, Argos, PC World/Currys and Googles online store. This should make it pretty easy to ship one to Ireland by using one of the shipping services that will give you a UK address to ship to (we went over a few of these services in this article).

Perhaps the best news of all is how soon it will be available as it will go on sale on April 6th for £129 (about £20 cheaper right now than the full size Echo).

We will put up a proper review of the Google Home soon and what it is like using it in Ireland, but we will say this, if you have an Android phone or live in Googles ecosystem and use their Calendar/email etc then you should seriously consider one over the Echo…



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