If you have found your way to this site then there is a good chance that you are on the fence about purchasing an Amazon Echo. Well with payday (and mothers day) arriving this week, then now is the time to go for it because as of today Amazon has discounted the full size Amazon Echo!

Amazon very rarely discounts the Echo’s (Black Friday and Xmas are the only sales we’ve seen so far). Also we’ve got no idea how long the sale will last but with the mothers day tie-in it is probably safe to say not long. We are obviously biased but the Echo might not be a bad present for mothers either, as apart from the set-up (which you might have to do) there really is nothing more to learn apart from the commands.

For our two cents a 3 month Spotify gift card would be a great addition to this, so your mam can simply ask Alexa to play Michael Buble, saving her from having to dig out her scratched Now Volume 87 CD!


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