This article isn’t strictly on a smart home gadget, however a lot of our readers are early Irish technology adopters and as such we hope that some of them might find this article helpful.

As we have covered before, Amazon hasn’t launched Amazon Prime in Ireland, however a few months ago they de-coupled their on demand video service from Amazon Prime and have launched it in dozens of markets across the globe as Amazon Video.

Ireland was lucky enough to be one of these markets and even luckier again, Amazon has also given the service a free 30 day trial and then an introductory price of only €2.99 a month. As you can expect at this price, the service isn’t going to compete with the range and variety on Netflix anytime soon but Amazon have made a few decent shows themselves and for a few bob a month you can’t really go wrong. We’ve been using the service for a few months now and have been really impressed with American Gods, Preacher, The Americans and Last Man On Earth to name but a few.

Netflix has said before that the most popular streaming box used to access their service is Playstation 3 and so we’re willing to bet that a host of people trying Amazon Video in Ireland are going to access it through a Playstation. The problem at the moment in Ireland though is that the Amazon Video app isn’t on the Playstation Store. However we’re a bright bunch round ‘ere and have found the following workaround to get an Amazon Video app up and running:

  1. Set up a new email address (Gmail always works well)
  2. Turn on your Playstation and set up a new user. When it asks for your location enter the UK
  3. Enter in your new email address
  4. Go into the playstation store
  5. Download the Amazon Video app
  6. Log into the Amazon Video app using your Irish Amazon account details
  7. Log back into your Irish playstation store account and the Amazon Video app will still be there waiting for you

From now on when you log into your Irish playstation account, the Amazon Video app will now be accessible and you won’t have to use your UK account again. Enjoy and if you’ve any issues give us a bell on Twitter by clicking the above icon. So now that you know how to get Amazon Prime Video running on your Playstation why not begin your 30 day trial of Amazon Prime Video now by clicking here or by clicking the banner below.


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