Today the Amazon Echo gets just a little bit more Irish and as such a little bit more useful for Irish users. Up until today, Irish Echo users were stuck using BBC or the Guardian to get their news. While these news outlets are great, they are very much UK focussed.

This has all changed today though as RTE have released an Amazon Alexa skill which is simply called “RTE News”. If you would prefer RTE to the Guardian or BBC, simply head to the ‘Skills’ section of the Alexa app and either scroll right under the flash briefing heading or just search for RTE.

Here is what the skill looks like in the store:


Best of all, you can set RTE as the default news player for “Flash Briefings” so you can use one of these two commands with the skill:

“Alexa, what’s my flash briefing?”


“Alexa, what’s in the news?”

At the time of writing the app has a score of 4.6 stars out of 5 which is pretty good but this score has only come from 11 reviews. If you’re an RTE fan (or want Irish news), then in our opinion it is worth downloading. Either way it is great to see our licence fee being spent on something innovative for a change!


5 thoughts on “RTE Arrives on Amazon Echo!

  1. Excellent thank you for that. Nice that the NPR news is still tagged on.
    Also the History Show podcast works! “Play the History Show Podcast”
    Also Play Lyric FM on turn in” works.
    Maybe you are the guys to advise RTE one the following problems:
    1. Sadly Play RTE Radio 1 doesn’t work anymore as of the last week. Can you please reinstate it? “Play RTE Radio 1 on Tune in” used to work.
    2. Also sadly “Sunday Miscellany” is not recognized.
    3. Strangely when I say “Play Radio one on Tune in” I get ‘Radio One Lebanon’!


    1. Hi Brian, glad you enjoyed it and thanks a mill for the comment.

      We have let RTE know and will update this article if/when we get an update from them.


  2. At last I’ve worked out how to get RTE 1 on Alexa:
    1. In the App settings, set your address to ‘O’Connell St, Dublin’ (apparently normal Irish addresses are not recognized).
    2. Set your English to (UK).
    3. Say “Alexa play RTE 1 on Tunein” (“Play RTE Radio 1 on Tunein” doesn’t work).
    Best Regards, Brian

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    1. Good man! It was strange that for a while, American Alexa could play RTE 1 fine, but then stopped. Good research work to get the work around. It would be great now if RTE would put together a real person News Brief – I am sure they will once the Echo becomes even more mainstream.

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  3. FYI. I just tried “Alexa, Play RTE radio 1 on TuneIn” here in the U.S. without changing location etc. and, after trying other things like “Alexa, Play RTE radio 1 in/from Ireland” which failed, I am happy to report that it worked!


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