We know the title is a litttttle bit click baitey but you have to admit that this new Google Home feature is pretty cool. Ever put something away in a safe place? A place so safe that no-one, not even the most nosey burglar will ever find it? Then turned out it was too safe even for you? And you spend 3 hours frantically looking for it at 1am the night before your annual pilgrimage to Old Trafford while your missus goes bananas? Nah us neither…

We’ve covered all the Google Home features that work in Ireland in another post and for the most part, like the Amazon Echo before it, the speaker does all the tasks you’ve been doing on Siri for years plus the ability to control smart home devices.

This hass mainly been due to some of the coolest features of these new smart speakers not working in Ireland, for example the ability to re-order just-eat in the UK and order an Uber in the US.

Finally though we see a real cool feature that we haven’t had on Siri or the Google Voice Assistant that will work in Ireland. Google Home now has the ability to “remember” things for you. So you can no say commands like:

  • “OK Google, remember I put passport is in the bottom drawer”
  • “OK Google, remember I left my five a side shoes at Dans”
  • “OK Google, remember I put my keys are in the bowl downstairs”

No this is quite cool and makes sense in the context of the home where the speaker is located. The big caveat here is of course that anyone can ask your Google Home what you have asked it to remember and it will happily recite it back to whoever has asked.



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