The Google Home has only been on sale since November 2016, however the device really seems to be gaining momentum recently, adding compatibility with new smart home devices almost weekly. We’ve been asked a few times what features work in Ireland? and does it have the same restrictions as the Echo? So we thought we would put a quick guide together of what we know to be working right now:

Asking for the weather:

This works fine in Ireland and you can easily set your location for somewhere in Ireland too. Use the command “OK Google, what is the weather like”

Asking for your commute time:

This works really well if you already have some locations marked in Google Maps. For example adding your home address as “home” and doing the same for your work. Once you have this done you can simply use the command “OK Google, what is my commute time from home to work”.

Asking what the traffic is like:

Like above this is easy to do once you have a couple of locations saved or you’ll have to ask in detail (like O’Connell St), the locations you want to hear about the traffic in. The command for this is “OK Google, what is the traffic like from home to work”.

Asking for the news:

Just like on the Echo, there aren’t any Irish news station yet. However you’re not stuck with American news either and BBC and english news stations are available. “OK Google, what is the news”.

Asking to play the radio:

Radio works pretty well with almost every station playing straight away when asking for it by name. In the SHG office we usually listen to Newstalk and TodayFM with both working 99% of the time when the command “OK Google, play Newstalk”.

Other bits that the Google Home can do in Ireland.

As you would expect, all the non-location specific commands for Google Home work just as well as they do stateside. These include but are not limited to:

  • Asking follow up questions. For example if you ask “where is Washington D.C” you can then follow up with “OK Google, how many people live there” and (unlike the Echo) it will remember the context of your question and give you the population of Washington D.C.
  • Smart home bits. Most of the big players are on board here and include:
    • Phillips Hue
    • Nest
    • Chromecast audio and video
    • Honeywell
    • Belkin Wemo
    • Spotify
    • Samsung Smartthings ecosystem
    • IFTTT

As we said at the start of this guide, there are new features being added all the time and this list will quickly be outdated, so check the News section above and have a quick Google to see what the latest developments are.



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