You are now in command of your very own star trek spaceship. As long as you have an Amazon Echo that is.

Amazon has rolled out an update for their fledging smart home speaker which fulfils the dreams of nerds tech fans everywhere, as you can now say “Computer” to wake up your Echo so that it starts listening for instructions. For those non-trekkies out there, I am told that this is the same command used to control the starship enterprise in Star Trek.

I can confirm that I can see the setting in my Alexa app, that I am using in Ireland so I assume this is live worldwide. To activate the setting follow these steps:

  • Open Alexa app
  • Settings
  • Echo Dot Online
  • Scroll down to “wake word”
  • You should see 4 options here. Alexa, Amazon, Echo and now Computer!

If you do turn this on, let us know on social media if your Alexa starts waking up all the time during ad breaks. This happens to me when the current Echo ads are on TV but in Ireland (at least) there are far more ads for “computers” than “Alexas”.


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