Googles answer to the Amazon Echo has been revealed. It’s called the Google Home and it’s arriving with some of the same key strengths of Amazons Echo, namely it’s ability to play music, search for web answers from your voice and tap into a few of the most popular smart home devices.

Without getting into detail, Google should have a bit of an advantage over Amazon for a device like this as a lot of people already use its app like Gmail, Calendar or Keep in their day to day lives which Google Home should be able to talk to very easily. Another benefit is that finding the answer to searches is Googles bread and butter. The company have also been actively pushing and working on voice search for years now so they have this competency to surface the right answer to your Home queries. Plus as you’ll see our below video on setting up the Google Home, it is far easier to set up in Ireland than the Echo:

Sounds good. Is there a release date for the Google Home in Ireland?

The device only went on sale in November in the US, despite being unveiled far earlier on in the year at a Google press conference. The Amazon Echo took over a year to be released in the UK (and when it did it launched with limited functionality compared to its stateside device). The reason I bring this up is that Google hasn’t even mentioned a UK release date yet (Update 06/04Google Home is now available in the UK) and the Amazon Echo has been out for almost a year in the UK now, still without an Irish release date.

So how can I buy a Google Home if I live in Ireland?

At the minute you have the option of friends going to the states as the device is available to buy in stores like Best Buy. There are also options like Big Apple Buddy who will buy the device for you, pay the customs and ship it to you. Obviously you will be paying a bit of a premium for a service like this, but the Amazon Echo is $50 cheaper than the standard Amazon Echo so you might not end up down too much compared to buying an Echo from the UK.

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4 thoughts on “How to buy a Google Home in Ireland

  1. Just wondering I bought a Google home mini. Living in Dublin working fine but want to give it commands to sync my phone, reminders calendars ect. Also I have seen you can call through it. But not working for me any suggestions?


    1. Hi Michael,

      We’ve got reminders and calendar actions working through connecting Google Calendar.

      AFAIK the call functionality is only for US at the moment, but have a look at the IFTTT site, they might have a work around there.


  2. i was wondering is the google home mini for sale in irish stores now and if not do you know when it will be and what stores may sell it


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