What does this mean? Well if you’ve done any research into the Echo liked look at reviews on Amazon, you would have seen a load of negative reviews for the UK release of the Echo all lambasting it for not having IFTTT integration on launch. I remember looking at the IFTTT site a few years ago and being put off by its overly developer focussed interface but now it looks great.

So what is IFTTT? And what does it do?

IFTTTT stands for “If this then that” and allows you to set up rules you specify to perform tasks on your phone. For example one I have set up on my phone is that when I get home my WiFi turns back on. So this is a rule that uses GPS and the WiFi function on my phone.

What about home stuff?

There are a load of different rules called “applets” already for smart homes that do some really cool things. The most useful I saw was using a NEST smoke alarm and an android phone, and the rule was that if the smoke alarm went off then your phone would automatically text a neighbour for you! Anyway check it out when you get a chance


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