Amazon and a host of other UK eCommerce stores do not ship to Ireland or only ship certain products to Ireland. This is an annoying problem for sure but there are a host of what post services that will get these products into Ireland for you.

How do these postal services work?

When you sign up for the services they give you a Northern Ireland based shipping address to use. So when you are entering your shipping info into an eCommerce site you just use this shipping address instead of your actual address.

So if it is being shipped to another address, how does my parcel end up with me?

So this depends on what service you use. At the moment there are a host of these postage services in Ireland but I will go into detail here on three different services which all ship to different places for you. These will either ship to a locker near you so that you can pick it up at up at a time and place that suits you (Parcel Motel), or they will ship to your home address (Parcel Wizard) or send it to your nearest Post office to collect from (Address Pal).

If you decide to use Parcel Wizard, you enter in your actual address when you sign up to the service. Then when you use the new UK based shipping address they give you they will know where to forward it to.

How much do these services cost?

At the moment (Jan 2017) here are the prices per package (the services are free to sign up to) and associated pages where you can find more details:

Address Pal – €3.50

Parcel Wizard – €3.85

Parcel Motel – €3.95

Which is the best service?

All three ship to different places so it really does depend on what is handiest for you. I’m sure there are more options out there too so it is worth doing a quick Google to see if there are any new services which might be up and running by the time you read this.

In my experience Parcel Wizard is great, they also let you select a day and time slot that suits you (so you can easily select a time when you know someone will be home).They also notify you when your package arrives at the depot, when it is leaving the depot and of course when your package is delivered to your home address.


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