Smart home, home automation, connected home, intelligent home… call it what you will but if you are living in Ireland and wish to set up your house like this then this post (and the wider site in general) is a good place to start.

Can you set up a smart home in Ireland?

In short yes. However at the moment a lot of the companies that are in the smart home space are american. This can mean that support for certain products is not in Ireland yet, some will work here but cannot be purchased here, some will have work with limited functionality and some products will work fully (with or without some elbow grease on your behalf).

So in Ireland what parts of my home can I automate?

Here is a completely non-exhaustive list of all the tasks/products that you could automate and or purchase for your Irish home as of 2016:

  • Turn on/off and adjust the temperature in your home through a smart thermostat
  • Play music/set alarms/timers etc just from your voice
  • Turn on and off your TV
  • Turn on/off products that are connected to a smart plug
  • Ask for traffic updates just from your voice
  • There are definitely more things to add to his list and it will always be changing, but the above are things that I have been told work 100%

How can I interact with my smart home in Ireland? Do I need any more stuff?

If you have a smartphone that is really all you need an there are apps for almost any smart home product which will let you turn on/off your devices or set schedules etc. This method is great for say setting the temperature of your house through an app before you leave work.

If you want that Jetsons feeling, you can purchase an Amazon echo or Google home device which will let you interact with your devices just by voice. If you go for this approach make sure you give this site a quick looksee first to ensure that the echo/home work with your smart products AND that the features you want to use in this product actually work in Ireland.

Lastly if you really want to get futuristic there are sensors made by companies like Samsung which can automatically trigger certain actions based on rules you have set up. For example you might have a sensor at a doorway and when it senses someone walking past it will turn on the light for that room. That really is home automation but is a little on the advanced side of things so don’t worry if it seems very complicated now.

What next?

Ok that is it for now. If you want to see what features of certain products work in Ireland than click on the “how-to” section above. If you want a more in-depth look than click on the “reviews” section and see if your product is listed there. If all else fails give us a bell on the Facebook or Twitter links below.


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